• Whether you’re a business or an individual searching for a venue for a party, La Fine Mousse has two solutions on offer:

    • Group or birthday dinner: Rent a room for 24 people (seated)  or up to 50 people for a cocktail. You can also rent out the entire restaurant.
    • The Fine Mousse cellar: Rent a room for 20 equipped with your own private tap and hi-fi speakers. For games or films, we can also provide a projector and screen.


    France. Paris 11è. Restaurant La Fine Mousse


    The bar may not be rented for private parties. However, we can provide cakes and candles for birthdays with advance notice.
    For further info:

  • Our restaurant is known for our beer pairings. We have ten taps and a handsome bottle list for an unforgettable evening!


    La Fine Mousse - Restaurant


    Several options are available:

    • A group of 6-24 guests for a sit-down dinner.
    • Private rental of the entire restaurant: 50 seats + the bar + the cellar (optional). Contact us!

    For birthdays, cakes and candles can be provided upon request.
    For further info:

  • You can rent out the  Fine Mousse cellar for up to 30 people. This small cellar with a bar, cushioned benches and a private tapis perfect for birthdays, leaving-dos or any other party. Business parties also welcome!.

    The room includes:

    • One room for up to 30 people
    • Cushioned benches and a bar
    • A view of the aging cellar
    • Hi-fi speakers (you provide the tunes)
    • A private tap with a keg of the beer of your choice
    • A projector and screen for games or films (optional).

    How to rent it out:

     You have the choice of (minimum €350 of pre-ordered food and drink):

    Planche charcuterie/fromage      A 2-litre growler    La tireuse de la Cave

    • meat or cheese plate for 2 people for €10 (instead of €12 the day of)
    • chocolate cake or lemon cheesecake (10 to 12 pieces) for €55 (pre-ordered only)
    •  20% off pre-ordered 2-litre growlers (ranging between €25 and €32), chosen with our help.
    • 30-litre keg (roughly 120 half pints) of Pilsner starting at €300 (instead of €360 the day of)
    • A 30-litre keg of IPA starting at €430 (instead of €540 the day of)
    • 20-litre keg (roughly 80 half pints) of Belgian ale starting at €260 (instead of €320 the day of)

    The day of:

    • When you arrive: payment of the pre-ordered food and drink plus the security deposit (for any damage or misconduct)
    • Party time! 7 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends.
    • If you haven’t pre-ordered anything, you can order at the bar or the restaurant and pay immediately.

    For businesses: contact us.


  • Bar - la fine mousse

    6 Avenue Jean Aicard - 75011 Paris

    Open every day 7/7 from 5pm on workdays and 6pm on weekend

  • Restaurant

    4 bis Avenue Jean Aicard - 75011 Paris

    Open every day 7/7 from 7pm

    Saturday/Sunday from 12pm to 2:30pm

  • La Robe & La Mousse

    3 Rue Monsieur le Prince - 75006 Paris

    Open everyday 7/7 from 4pm to 2am